Mild and Violent


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Mild adjective – Not harsh or stern especially in nature or effect.
Usage example: a quiet gentleman with a kindly soul and a mild disposition

Violent is an antonym for mild in topics: gentle, temperate, easygoing.
Nearby Words: mildness, mildly
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Violent adjective – Marked by or uttered with forcefulness.
Usage example: prone to violent denunciation of anyone who disagrees with her

Mild is an antonym for violent in topics: severe, destructive.
Nearby Words: violence, violently, violator
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Things that words describes

attack mild attack violent attack
man mild man violent man
people mild people violent people
end mild end violent end
Other nouns: death, way, example, personality, version, content, tendencies.

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / How I Met Your Mother They can be violent around each other in their family games, but other than that they are all mild-mannered and kind individuals.
  • Useful Notes / California It has a mild climate and excellent conditions for surfing, though the bars can get violent.
  • Of Men and Mugic by Quazer (AU, violent, mild adult humor and themes in some later books)
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