Mischievous and Rascally


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Mischievous adjective – Tending to or exhibiting reckless playfulness.
Usage example: the children had been so mischievous that we had to pay the babysitter extra and then clean up the mess

Rascally is a synonym for mischievous in naughty topic. In some cases you can use "Rascally" instead an adjective "Mischievous", when it comes to topics like devilish.
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Rascally adjective – Tending to or exhibiting reckless playfulness.
Usage example: those rascally boys had let all of the lab mice out of their cages

Mischievous is a synonym for rascally in bad topic. You can use "Mischievous" instead an adjective "Rascally".
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Synonyms for Rascally

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  • Rascally Rabbit The Rascally Rabbit is a rabbit or hare that is mischievous, troublesome or tricksome.
  • Rascally Raccoon Usually Rascally Raccoons are depicted as just playful, mischievous, maybe a bit disobedient – though portrayal as literal thieves or kleptomaniacs isn't rare, either.
  • Protagonist and Friends Rascally Rabbit: Many of the rabbits are mischievous and prone to getting in trouble.
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