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Model noun – An exact representation of something in greatly reduced size.
Photographer is an antonym for model in topics: person, type, example, imitation.
Nearby Words: modeled, modelled, modelling, modeling, modeller
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Photographer noun – One who takes photographs.
Model is an antonym for photographer.
Nearby Words: photograph, photographed, photographic, photography, photographing
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How words are described

good good model good photographer
female female model female photographer
best best model best photographer
particular particular model particular photographer
Other adjectives: complete, single, small, successful, male, bad, young, famous, new, early, professional, former, aspiring.

Both words in one sentence

  • Creator / Bettie Page Jungle Princess: In 1954 Page did some modeling work in South Florida, and model/photographer Bunny Yeager took her to a animal park in Boca Raton to pose with various animals while wearing leopard-pattern bikinis.
  • Comic Book Fantasy Casting For example, Cliff is Errol Flynn, his girlfriend Betty is pin-up model Bettie Page, Cliff's sleazy photographer rival is real-world porn photographer Ken Marcus, and second-storyline villain Lothar is Rondo Hatton.
  • He tells her that she would make a great model and he conveniently happens to be a professional photographer.
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