Model and Type


Model noun - An exact representation of something in greatly reduced size.

Type is a synonym for model in version topic. In some cases you can use "Type" instead a noun "Model", when it comes to topics like pattern, prototype, example. popular alternative


Type noun - A number of persons or things that are grouped together because they have something in common.
Usage example: what type of people do you generally hang out with?

Model is a synonym for type in brand topic. You can use "Model" instead a noun "Type", if it concerns topics such as epitome, example. popular alternative

Nearby Words: typical, typed

How words are described

good good model good type
female female model female type
exact exact model exact type
particular particular model particular type
Other adjectives: similar, common, specific, certain, standard, original, single, popular, small, powerful, actual, wrong, new, unique, traditional, classic, basic, different, older.

Both words in one sentence

  • Everything Sensor While it was certainly possible to scan ships from a distance, the information provided seemed limited, such as scanning for lifeforms (or rather for heat signatures that could be life forms), scanning for model/type of ship, and scanning for radiation.
  • Film / The Legend of Billie Jean Jeanne d'Arch√©type: Billie Jean becomes a role model for teens in a similar manner to Joan of Arc.
  • Off Model / Video Games The intentional Ren and Stimpy type of off-model is used for the character Burgerpants, whose facial structure changes from pose to pose.
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