Moderate and Violent


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Moderate adjective – Avoiding major social change or extreme political ideas.
Usage example: the principal's moderate position on cell phones is that students can use them at school but only for emergencies

Violent is an antonym for moderate in topics: calm, fair.
Nearby Words: modest, moderation, moderately, moderated, modestly
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Violent adjective – Extreme in degree, power, or effect.
Usage example: a violent thunderstorm

Moderate is an antonym for violent in topics: severe, destructive.
Nearby Words: violence, violently, violator
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Things that words describes

character moderate character violent character
people moderate people violent people
example moderate example violent example
side moderate side violent side
Other nouns: version, tendencies.

Both words in one sentence

  • Franchise / Transformers Film Series Uncle Tomfoolery: Michael Bay may have induced moderate fan anger by killing the only "black" transformer in the first film, but it is the portrayal of Skids and Mudflap as violent jive-talking hood rats in Revenge of the Fallen that has attracted outright hatred over the internet.
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