Modest and Shrinking


Modest adjective - Not having or showing any feelings of superiority, self-assertiveness, or showiness.
Usage example: appealingly modest about her success in the fashion industry

Shrinking and modest are semantically related In some cases you can use "Shrinking" instead an adjective "Modest".


Shrinking noun - The act of becoming less.
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Modest and shrinking are semantically related in shy topic. You can use "Modest" instead an adjective "Shrinking".

Nearby Words: shrink, shrinkage, shrinked

Both words in one sentence

  • Mad Scientist Aside of modest version of shrinking soda currently in development, she invented a Velocitoaster.
    Source: Mad Scientist
  • Anime / Waiting in the Summer She's a modest Shrinking Violet who was raised as a nudist, and tries to hide this fact from others due to her feeling that this makes her a weirdo.
  • Manga / Attack on Titan One can describe it as Neon Genesis Evangelion without giant robots and with a lot less angst (plus a protagonist who's the exact opposite of a Shrinking Violet).From its relatively modest beginning, the manga managed to become the 11th-highest seller of all time in 2011.
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