Modest and Small


Modest adjective - Not large but sufficient in size or amount.
Usage example: modest inflation

Small is a synonym for modest in moderate topic. In some cases you can use "Small" instead the word "Modest" as an adjective or a noun, when it comes to topics like simple, lowly, limited. popular alternative


Small adjective - Limited in size or scope.
Usage example: small-scale plans

Modest is a synonym for small in quantity topic. You can use "Modest" instead an adjective "Small", if it concerns topics such as lowly. popular alternative

Nearby Word: smallish

Both words in one sentence

  • Each player starts with two or three leaders, a modest army, a Citadel, and a few small villages that provide income.
  • Film / The Hobbit But averted with Thorin, who was seen eating only from a small bowl and plate, and possibly Bilbo himself, as the dinner he was planning to have the night the dwarves showed up was rather modest.
  • Super-Powered Evil Side Yang is a bookish, modest, and generally reserved girl with a small fascination with Yuri Genre.
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