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Moral adjective – Conforming to a high standard of morality or virtue.
Usage example: the kind of moral behavior that is expected of everyone in the parish's youth organization

Principled is a synonym for moral in good topic. In some cases you can use "Principled" instead an adjective "Moral", when it comes to topics like devoted, right, honest, ethical. popular alternative
Nearby Words: morality, moralistic, moralize, moralise, morale
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Principled adjective – Following the accepted rules of moral conduct.
Usage example: a high-principled art expert who always told clients what he honestly thought their items were worth

Moral is a synonym for principled in devoted topic. You can use "Moral" instead an adjective "Principled", if it concerns topics such as right, honest, ethical. popular alternative
Nearby Words: principle, principally
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Things that words describes

person moral person principled person
character moral character principled character
man moral man principled man
alignment moral alignment principled alignment
Other nouns: characters, decision, stance, reasons.

Both words in one sentence

  • Both are considered traitors by the majority of the realm but are in reality among the most moral and principled characters in a Crapsack World.
  • He's adept at Xanatos Speed Chess, an incredibly quick thinker, adept at cutting past what people are saying to what they mean and their underlying goals, and a loving husband and father who is deeply principled and moral.
  • Series / Star Trek: The Next Generation So the moral of "You have to solve your own problems, rather than finding someone else to solve them for you", became "The strong and principled are good targets, because they won't fight someone so much weaker than them." The episode "The Game" attempted to make an aesop that video games are EVIL.
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