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Move verb – To change the place or position of.
Thrust and move are semantically related In some cases you can use "Thrust" instead the word "Move" as a verb or a noun.
Nearby Words: moving, moved, movement, mover, movable
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Thrust verb – To apply force to (someone or something) so that it moves in front of one.
Usage example: the cat thrust her paw under the couch, trying to reach her toy mouse

Move and thrust are semantically related in movement topic. Sometimes you can use "Move" instead the word "Thrust" as a verb or a noun.
Nearby Word: thrusting
Synonyms for Thrust

How words are described

good good move good thrust
normal normal move normal thrust
complete complete move complete thrust
instant instant move instant thrust
Other adjectives: original, single, offensive, bold, simple, powerful, actual, real, big, weak, quick, fatal, less, unexpected, extra, basic.

Common collocations

people move people thrust people
team move team thrust team
hand move hand thrust hand
way move way thrust way
Other nouns: damage, player, hands, eyes, times, objects.

Both words in one sentence

  • The pelvic thrust is also a dance move popularized by the likes of Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson.
    Source: Pelvic Thrust
  • Hover Tank The Epona and Hephaestus lack skirts and instead use vectored thrust to move about.
    Source: Hover Tank
  • Similarly, for a finishing move in a sword fight, the user can thrust their sword under their shoulder, stabbing the opponent in the process.
    Source: Badass Back
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