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Moving adjective – Having the power to affect the feelings or sympathies.
Propelling is a synonym for moving in affecting topic. In some cases you can use "Propelling" instead an adjective "Moving", when it comes to topics like motivating.
Nearby Words: move, moved, movement, mover, movable
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Propelling adjective – Tending to or capable of propelling.
Moving is a synonym for propelling. You can use "Moving" instead an adjective "Propelling".
Nearby Words: propel, propelled, propeller, propellent
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  • Another method is to plant the bomb some distance away off to the side of the road, with the explosion propelling a fast-moving (and in the case of shaped-charge bombs, molten) projectile at the target, essentially a poor man's anti tank gun.
    Source: Anti-Armor
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