Murderous and Soft


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Murderous adjective – Difficult to endure.
Usage example: the murderous heat of the desert

Soft is an antonym for murderous.
Nearby Words: murder, murderer, murdered, murderously, murdering
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Soft adjective – Involving minimal difficulty or effort.
Usage example: looking for a soft job in local government

Murderous is an antonym for soft.
Nearby Words: soften, softness, softly, softening, softie
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Similar words of soft
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Things that words describes

man murderous man soft man
side murderous side soft side
version murderous version soft version

Both words in one sentence

  • Then there's GLaDOS: After a game and a half of being a murderous rogue AI, we find out she has a soft side, the recorded personality of Caroline, Cave Johnson's trusty assistant.
  • Monster / Live-Action TV Broken Trail: Ed "Big Ears" Bywaters is a soft-spoken ex-convict notorious as a horse-thief and murderous Bounty Hunter.
  • Creator / Dean Koontz Faux Affably Evil: Most villains will definitely qualify, their polite and soft-spoken or cheery exteriors masking a cold and murderous heart and doubling the creepiness of their actions.
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