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Mutate verb – To pass from one form, state, or level to another.
Transform is a synonym for mutate in change topic. In some cases you can use "Transform" instead a verb "Mutate", when it comes to topics like alter, transmute. popular alternative
Nearby Words: mutable, mutation, mutant, mutating
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Transform verb – To change in form, appearance, or use.
Usage example: by clicking a few buttons, this toy car can be transformed into a robot

Mutate is a synonym for transform in change topic. You can use "Mutate" instead a verb "Transform", if it concerns topics such as alter, change completely. popular alternative
Nearby Words: transformation, transformed, transition, transformable, transformer
Synonyms for Transform

Common collocations

arm mutate arm transform arm
power mutate power transform power
man mutate man transform man
people mutate people transform people
Other nouns: human, body, someone, form, parts, way, world, user, planet, anyone, humans, limbs, victims, bodies, animals, beings.

Both words in one sentence

  • Mutagenic Goo This is any liquid/slime/sludge form of Applied Phlebotinum that causes living creatures that touch it to somehow mutate or transform into... something else.
    Source: Mutagenic Goo
  • Eldritch Abomination / Video Games Though C'thun is technically dead, it was still able to mutate and transform Cho'Gall into a monstrosity.
  • Shapeshifting Mutagenic Goo: Gooey Applied Phlebotinum that can mutate and transform living beings into monsters.
    Source: Shapeshifting
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