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Name verb – To decide to accept (someone or something) from a group of possibilities.
Usage example: you don't like my offer? Just name your price

Set is a synonym for name. In some cases you can use "Set" instead the word "Name" as a verb or a noun.
Nearby Words: named, nameless, naming
Synonyms for Name


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Set verb – To decide upon (the time or date for an event) usually from a position of authority.
Usage example: set a date for the wedding

Name is a synonym for set in arrange topic. Sometimes you can use "Name" instead the word "Set" as a verb or a noun, if it concerns topics such as fix, decide upon.
Nearby Words: setup, setting
Synonyms for Set

How words are described

old old name old set
good good name good set
full full name full set
exact exact name exact set
Other adjectives: similar, normal, common, specific, current, original, fake, proper, single, small, actual, entire, big, wrong, new, unique, alternate, last, different.

Common collocations

man name man set man
people name people set people
place name place set place
couple name couple set couple
Other nouns: way, example, world, game, ship, names.

Both words in one sentence

  • Anime / The Sky Crawlers It ends the same way (in The Stinger post-credits) with Yuuichi under yet another new name and set of memories.
  • Hello, [Insert Name Here] However, the two DS games actually use the player's name as set in the DS options as the default name.
  • The '80s Heathers. (Made in 2014, but based on a 1988 movie of the same name and set in 1989.)
    Source: The '80s
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