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Narrowly adverb – By a very small margin.
Usage example: they narrowly escaped with their lives

Slightly and narrowly are semantically related in just topic. In some cases you can use "Slightly" instead an adverb "Narrowly", when it comes to topics like barely, hardly.
Nearby Words: narrow, narrowness
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Slightly adverb – By a very small margin.
Usage example: I thought the first one was slightly better

Narrowly and slightly are semantically related in just topic. You can use "Narrowly" instead an adverb "Slightly", if it concerns topics such as barely, hardly.
Nearby Word: slight
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  • Video Game / Double Dragon Neon Narrowly averted with the Lee brothers themselves, as this version gives them slightly altered hairstyles and expressions on top of their palette swaps to differentiate them further.
  • Fight Scene Failure Episode 2 has an adorably flimsy-looking Killer Robot chasing the Doctor at a pace best associated with zimmer frames, while Tom Baker zips and flings himself around it effortlessly, trying to look like he's narrowly being missed by its blows and not slightly managing.
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