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National adjective – Of or relating to a nation.
Private is an antonym for national in concerning a country with a topic.
Nearby Words: nationalize, nationalise, nation, nationalistic, nationality
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Private adjective – Confined to particular persons or groups or providing privacy.
Usage example: private discussions

National is an antonym for private.
Nearby Words: privation, privately, privacy, privative, privateer
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Things that words describes

force national force private force
forces national forces private forces
armies national armies private armies

Both words in one sentence

  • Literature / Seveneves Next Sunday A.D.: The various private and national space programs featured at the start of the novel are more or less identical to their real world counterparts at the time of publication.
  • In that case, the lack of a coordinated FEMA response became a national scandal when private corporations and regular citizens got their own relief efforts into the city long before FEMA did.
  • United Europe Maps still seem to have national borders drawn on them, but they are crossed by private military forces without incident or even mention.
    Source: United Europe
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