Nauseating and Vile


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Nauseating adjective – Causing intense displeasure, disgust, or resentment.
Usage example: her relentlessly vicious gossiping is absolutely nauseating

Vile is a synonym for nauseating in disgusting topic. In some cases you can use "Vile" instead an adjective "Nauseating", when it comes to topics like like, repulsive. popular alternative
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Vile adjective – Unpleasant to look at.
Usage example: an outfit with a truly vile combination of colors

Nauseating is a synonym for vile in like topic. You can use "Nauseating" instead an adjective "Vile", if it concerns topics such as repulsive, foul, offensive. popular alternative
Nearby Words: vilify, vilely
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Things that words describes

stench nauseating stench vile stench
schemes nauseating schemes vile schemes

Both words in one sentence

  • Functional Magic aka: Magic The other is a special power source, described as nauseating and vile, used by vampires (Red and Black Court, at least) and those wizards who have tapped into Kemmler's form of necromancy — pretty much the ultimate in The Dark Arts in the setting.
  • Level Ate The background is a nauseating green, with utensils flying in the background, sky-high platters of discarded food, and plumes of vile odor with skulls in them wafting up.
    Source: Level Ate
  • Nightmare Fetishist Star Control: Depraved Omnisexual Admiral ZEX is attracted to "vile, wretched" creatures... especially humans, whom his species considers nauseating.
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