Neglect and Regard


Neglect verb - To fail to give proper attention to.
Usage example: as usual the news media neglected the real issues of the campaign and focused on personalities

Regard is an antonym for neglect in topics: disregard, care, note, failure, forget.


Regard verb - To make note of (something) through the use of one's eyes.
Usage example: she regarded him with astonishment when he announced he had gotten engaged

Neglect is an antonym for regard in topics: affection, attention, feature, believe, look at.

How words are described

human human neglect human regard
physical physical neglect physical regard
clear clear neglect clear regard
similar similar neglect similar regard
Other adjectives: common, benign, considerable, harsh, real, important, general, apparent, less, overall.

Common collocations

work neglect work regard work
practice neglect practice regard practice
anyone neglect anyone regard anyone
lives neglect lives regard lives

Both words in one sentence

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