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Neighbourhood noun – A surrounding or nearby region.
Zone is a synonym for neighbourhood in area topic. In some cases you can use "Zone" instead a noun "Neighbourhood", when it comes to topics like district.
Nearby Words: neighbourly, neighbouring, neighbour, neighbourship, neighboured
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Zone noun – A broad geographical area.
Neighbourhood is a synonym for zone in area topic. You can use "Neighbourhood" instead a noun "Zone".
Nearby Words: zoned, zoning, zonal
Synonyms for Zone

How words are described

human human neighbourhood human zone
nice nice neighbourhood nice zone
particular particular neighbourhood particular zone
small small neighbourhood small zone
Other adjectives: entire, dangerous, hostile, new, given, different, surrounding, eponymous, residential.

Both words in one sentence

  • Incestuous Casting Marge: Well, this neighbourhood is zone R3, which allows dogs, cats, phone answering monkeys, and... ohhh... [checks book] I'll never memorize all this!
  • Series / Fear the Walking Dead Time Skip: Of nine days between "The Dog" and "Not Fade Away", in which time the Clarks' neighbourhood has been fenced off as a 'safe zone' by the National Guard.
  • Animal Athlete Loophole World War Z has an example that's close to this trope in spirit when a wheelchair user shows up at a recruitment office for the local volunteer anti-zombie militia guarding a suburban neighbourhood in the Safe Zone.
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