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New adjective – Not known or experienced before.
Usage example: the Americas were new lands for the European explorers

Original is a synonym for new in characteristic topic. In some cases you can use "Original" instead an adjective "New", when it comes to topics like novel, recent, modern. popular alternative
Nearby Words: newness, newly, newish
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Original adjective – Not known or experienced before.
Usage example: separate categories for original and adapted screenplays

New is a synonym for original in characteristic topic. You can use "New" instead an adjective "Original", if it concerns topics such as property, fresh. popular alternative
Nearby Words: origin, originality, origination, originator, originally
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Things that words describes

member new member original member
body new body original body
generation new generation original generation
name new name original name
Other nouns: cast, form, team, material, series, show, design, characters, universe, game, story, book, meaning, version, song, movie, songs, games, timeline, members.

Both words in one sentence

  • Comicbook / Harley Quinn Harley's comic faces rejection at Comic-Con because DC isn't looking for anything new or original.
  • Others have deemed it for its weaker story elements, and claimed that it introduces nothing original or new to the series.
  • Anime / Bubblegum Crisis Adaptational Badass: While many people debate whether the original or new series is best, what they don't debate is that Linna took twenty levels of badass in 2040.
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