Nomadic and Settled


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Nomadic adjective – Traveling from place to place.
Usage example: raised in a nomadic family, she attended half a dozen different high schools

Settled is an antonym for nomadic in itinerant topic.
Nearby Words: nomad, nomadism
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Settled adjective – Established in a desired position or place; not moving about.
Usage example: settled areas

Nomadic is an antonym for settled.
Nearby Words: settle, settlement, settling, settler, settlor
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  • Manga / A Bride's Story This makes her quite a tomboy when compared to the culture of her new tribe, which gave up the nomadic life and settled down a few generations back.
  • When the Hungarians conquered Moravia, the Hungarians settled in and abandoned most of their nomadic horseback culture and adapted Christianity, but some of their nomadic lifestyle is still seen today in some degrees.
  • Barbarian Tribe In Drowtales, there's the Black Sun clan, a nomadic nation of oddly tan-skinned drow who lives on the edges of the underworld's settled lands.
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