Nonfunctional and Working


Nonfunctional adjective - Not being in working order.
Usage example: that gas pump is nonfunctional, which is the reason for the plastic bag over the nozzle

Working is an antonym for nonfunctional in not working topic.


Working adjective - Being in effective operation.
Usage example: the only working coal mine in the area

Nonfunctional is an antonym for working.

Nearby Words: work, works, worked, workable, worker

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / Galaxy Quest Cargo Cult: the Thermians are an inversion of real-life cargo cults: they produce real, working technology based on nonfunctional, for-show templates.
  • Electronic Eyes In exchange for working for them, she was promised and given a better life and had her nonfunctional eyes replaced with electronic once which allow her to see perfectly and have telescopic functions and night vision built in.
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