Noticeable and Unobtrusive


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Noticeable adjective – Likely to attract attention.
Usage example: the stain on the new carpet was quite noticeable, and nothing we did made it any lighter

Unobtrusive is an antonym for noticeable in imperceptible topic.
Nearby Words: notice, noticeably, noticed, noticing
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Unobtrusive adjective – Not readily seen or noticed.
Usage example: the notice that an 18% tip would be automatically added was so unobtrusive we almost didn't see it at the bottom of the menu

Noticeable is an antonym for unobtrusive in topics: obtrusive, keeping a low profile.
Nearby Word: unobtrusively
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Similar words of unobtrusive
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Things that words describes

amount noticeable amount unobtrusive amount
way noticeable way unobtrusive way
effects noticeable effects unobtrusive effects
scar noticeable scar unobtrusive scar

Both words in one sentence

  • The Nondescript She's noticeable enough when she's awake, but she has a habit of falling asleep while sitting in odd places, and being so still and unobtrusive that people casually mistake her for furniture.
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