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Nut noun – A person of odd or whimsical habits.
Usage example: a show devoted to those lovable nuts who collect the weirdest things just for fun

Original and nut are semantically related In some cases you can use "Original" instead a noun "Nut".
Nearby Words: nuthouse, nutlet
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Original noun – A person of odd or whimsical habits.
Usage example: the town's singing mailman is an original, all right

Nut and original are semantically related in character topic. Sometimes you can use "Nut" instead a noun "Original". informal substitute
Nearby Words: origin, originality, origination, originator, originally
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How words are described

beloved beloved nut beloved original
complete complete nut complete original
single single nut single original
real real nut real original
Other adjectives: happy, possessed, cracked, comic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Theatre / The Nutcracker Character Exaggeration: In the original story, Fritz is a precocious, boisterous (if sometimes a bit rude) child who accidentally broke the Nutcracker's jaw on a nut that was too large.
  • Coca-Cola's original formula used to have cocaine and kola nut extracts in it, hence the namesake, and it was originally consumed as a medical tonic.
  • In a Dorkly Originals parody of Plants VS Zombies, a Wall-nut whose bitten by a zombie gradually turns green and becomes a zombie as well (which isn't possible in the original game).
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