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Observance noun – An oft-repeated action or series of actions performed in accordance with tradition or a set of rules.
Usage example: some religions require very specific observances on holy days

Practice is a synonym for observance in ceremony topic. In some cases you can use "Practice" instead a noun "Observance", when it comes to topics like rite, custom, society, ritual.
Nearby Words: observe, observation, observant, observed, observable
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Practice noun – A private performance or session in preparation for a public appearance.
Observance is a synonym for practice in society topic. You can use "Observance" instead a noun "Practice", if it concerns topics such as ritual, rite.
Nearby Words: practise, practical, practiced, practically, practised
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usual usual observance usual practice
religious religious observance religious practice

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  • Accidental Unfortunate Gesture During the Miners' Strike in the 1980's, a similar picture was used by The Sun (with its usual impartiality and strict observance of ethics and good journalistic practice) to damn strike leader Arthur Scargill.
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