Occasion and Reason


Occasion noun - Someone or something responsible for a result.
Usage example: the missing money proved to be the occasion of much strife between the two brothers

Reason is a synonym for occasion in excuse topic. In some cases you can use "Reason" instead a noun "Occasion", when it comes to topics like start. popular alternative

Nearby Words: occasional, occasionally, occasioned, occasioning, occasionalism


Reason noun - Something (as a belief) that serves as the basis for another thing.
Usage example: a firm belief that we are here on earth to help others is the reason for her tireless volunteer work

Occasion is a synonym for reason in intention topic. You can use "Occasion" instead a noun "Reason", if it concerns topics such as motive, event, excuse, cause. popular alternative

How words are described

known known occasion known reason
special special occasion special reason
exact exact occasion exact reason
particular particular occasion particular reason
Other adjectives: better, similar, specific, single, little, important, sole, justifiable, possible, conceivable, plausible, official, odd, strange, bizarre, different.

Both words in one sentence

  • On one memorable occasion they start beating up a doppelganger of Gojyo before realising it's not him (they did have reason to be angry with him at the time, though).
  • Web Video / Retsupurae Cyborg: Brought up on occasion, though for some reason the duo assumes that cyborgs are completely robotic, instead of living beings augmented by cybernetics.
  • While they never have so suicidal an opportunity to demonstrate this, their loyalty to the Founders is shown to trump reason on occasion.
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