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Oddball noun – A person of odd or whimsical habits.
Weird is a synonym for oddball in eccentric topic. In some cases you can use "Weird" instead the word "Oddball" as an adjective or a noun.
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Weird adjective – Noticeably different from what is generally found or experienced.
Usage example: a weird little plant that we found growing in the garden

Oddball is a synonym for weird in odd topic. You can use "Oddball" instead the word "Weird" as an adjective or a noun.
Nearby Words: weirdo, weirdly, weirding, weirded
Synonyms for Weird

Both words in one sentence

  • See, the NV1 was a weird chip which they put on an oddball – even for the times – hybrid card meant to let you play specially ported Sega Saturn games on the PC.
  • Comic Book / Novas Aventuras de Megaman Oddball in the Series: Even without the rampant blood and gore, weird continuity, and naked women running about, this comic has about as much to do with Mega Man as a history textbook.
  • Only in Florida Countdown with Keith Olbermann included a regular segment called "Oddball" where Keith talked about the weird stories of the day.
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