Offspring and Young


Offspring noun - The descendants of a person, animal, or plant.
Usage example: the couple celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary surrounded by three generations of offspring

Young is a synonym for offspring in children topic. In some cases you can use "Young" instead a noun "Offspring", when it comes to topics like animal, brood, child. popular alternative


Young noun - Any immature animal.

Offspring is a synonym for young in animal topic. You can use "Offspring" instead a noun "Young", if it concerns topics such as brood. popular alternative

Nearby Words: youngster, youngling, youngish

How words are described

female female offspring female young
best best offspring best young
alien alien offspring alien young
many many offspring many young
Other adjectives: healthy, monstrous, evil, young, new, remaining, several.

Both words in one sentence

  • Predators pick off these cannon-fodder offspring while their mom remains sheltered by her young, able to produce a new generation of disperser/breeders.
  • Vocal Dissonance In The Animals of Farthing Wood when Fox and Vixen's offspring are young pups they sound more like teenagers even though they're supposed to be the animal equivalent of 7 or 8 year old children at that point.
  • Mother of a Thousand Young: The Brood Mother from Malodrax has thousands upon thousands of incredibly mutated offspring.
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