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Oppose verb – To refuse to give in to.
Question is a synonym for oppose. In some cases you can use "Question" instead a verb "Oppose".
Nearby Words: opposition, opposing
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Question verb – To demand proof of the truth or rightness of.
Usage example: the teenager openly questioned the authority of the town's police force to impose a curfew on residents under the age of 18

Oppose is a synonym for question in dispute topic. Sometimes you can use "Oppose" instead a verb "Question", if it concerns topics such as doubt.
Nearby Words: questionable, questioning, quest, questioned, questioner
Synonyms for Question

Common collocations

humanity oppose humanity question humanity
character oppose character question character
relationship oppose relationship question relationship
presence oppose presence question presence
Other nouns: system, actions, policy.

Both words in one sentence

  • Creator / David Weber No character or government, not even from the quarters you'd expect, is shown to question or oppose it.
  • Wowing Cthulhu Heck, the lesser character doesn't even have to oppose the Evil Overlord in question.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare Anyone who is feared or dreaded by someone (even if the "someone" in question is the cruel and tyrannical government that the heroes oppose) can qualify.
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