Order and Society


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Order noun – A group of persons formally joined together for some common interest.
Usage example: a religious order

Society is a synonym for order in group topic. In some cases you can use "Society" instead a noun "Order", when it comes to topics like organization, alliance, association. popular alternative
Nearby Words: ordered, orderly, ordering, orderliness
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Society noun – A group of persons formally joined together for some common interest.
Usage example: a debate society

Order is a synonym for society in group topic. You can use "Order" instead a noun "Society", if it concerns topics such as alliance, association, organization. popular alternative
Nearby Words: social, societal
Synonyms for Society

How words are described

old old order old society
high high order high society
normal normal order normal society
complex complex order complex society
Other adjectives: perfect, complete, established, current, original, actual, entire, real, evil, civil, democratic, secret, titular, different, magical, western.

Both words in one sentence

  • Despite environmentally being Apocalypse Not, order and society in Boston gradually collapsed in the weeks following the nuclear exchange, and most survivors of the riots and civil strife migrated to the surrounding countryside.
  • Manga / Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince Their society can best be described as that of a group of high-tech barbarians who go on epic hunting sprees in order to fulfill "prophecies" from their "gods".
  • Comicbook / Red Skull It seemed to him that only the Nazis could bring back any semblance of order and prosperity to society, and they were also the only group who treated him, personally, with any sympathy or respect, so he joined them and, as Hitler's personal friend, became their most devoted follower.
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