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Tell and orders are semantically related. in command topic. In some cases you can use "Tell" instead a verb "Orders".
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Tell verb – To give an oral or written account of in some detail.
Orders and tell are semantically related. Sometimes you can replace term "Orders" with "Tell", this verbs are similar.
Nearby Words: telling, teller
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  • Video Game / Resident Evil 6 Most notably, if Sherry didn't make contact with Leon against orders and tell him where she was meeting Simmons, or if Leon didn't send Chris and Piers to go rescue Jake and Sherry despite being the BSAA's official top suspect in the Tall Oaks attack, things could have gone very differently.
  • Series / Frasier Frasier orders a decafe non-fate Zimbabwe latte with no cinnamon but neglects to tell the waitress the entire order.
  • Instead, the man orders her to tell Mitch that she has found a lost child and is driving him around to find his parents.
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