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Outline noun – A line that traces the outer limits of an object or surface.
Side and outline are semantically related in contour topic. In some cases you can use "Side" instead the word "Outline" as a noun or a verb.
Nearby Words: outlined, outlining
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Side noun – A place, space, or direction away from or beyond a central point or line.
Outline and side are semantically related in contour topic. Sometimes you can use "Outline" instead the word "Side" as a noun or a verb.
Nearby Words: sided, sideline, sidewards, sideband
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How words are described

human human outline human side
good good outline good side
broad broad outline broad side
soft soft outline soft side
Other adjectives: nice, bright, entire, hard, blue, black, white, funny.

Common collocations

place outline place side place
side outline side side side
philosophy outline philosophy side philosophy

Both words in one sentence

  • Everything's Better with Monkeys He gets out the box of Animal Crackers that started it all and finds an outline of Africa on one side with a picture of a chimp as the only decoration on it.
  • Alien Geometries Imagine taking an object, and tracing its outline on a flat surface from each side.
  • In addition, Hunters can be used as antagonists to further outline the Blessed With Suck side of being a supernatural.
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