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Outset noun – The point at which something begins.
Usage example: I wish you'd mentioned this problem at the outset

Start is a synonym for outset in beginning topic. In some cases you can use "Start" instead the word "Outset" as a noun or a verb, when it comes to topics like origin, commencement, starting. popular alternative
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Start noun – The point at which something begins.
Usage example: knew from the start of the game that he would win easily

Outset is a synonym for start in beginning topic. You can use "Outset" instead a noun "Start", if it concerns topics such as commencement. popular alternative
Nearby Words: started, startled, starting, starter, startup
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  • Sorting Algorithm of Evil: In the first game, Nene sends progressively stronger Mecha Robos at the heroes, making one wonder why he didn't just start with these stronger Robos at the outset.
  • Although fundamentally different from our world from the outset, the only large changes start appearing in World War II, when Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan attempt to use cosmic horrors to win the war.
  • Videogame / The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker And Your Reward Is Clothes: Among other things that change on the second playthrough, Link wears his Outset Island clothes through the course of the game (normally Link only wears them right at the start before he gets his "coming of age" green tunic).
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