Pace and Tempo


Pace noun - The rate of some repeating event.

Tempo is a synonym for pace in speed topic. In some cases you can use "Tempo" instead a noun "Pace", when it comes to topics like movement, beat, fast, momentum. popular alternative

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Tempo noun - The rate of some repeating event.
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Synonyms for Tempo

Pace is a synonym for tempo in beat topic. You can use "Pace" instead a noun "Tempo", if it concerns topics such as movement, fast, momentum, temporary. popular alternative

How words are described

good good pace good tempo
high high pace high tempo
similar similar pace similar tempo
normal normal pace normal tempo
Other adjectives: usual, right, fast, relentless, predetermined, original, moderate, constant, frantic, quick, relaxed, insane, different, faster, quicker, slower.

Both words in one sentence

  • Follow the Bouncing Ball The animation had been produced based on the written score before any music had been recorded, with the beat occurring on every Xth frame, and the orchestra had to keep pace with the predetermined tempo precisely.
  • Very commonly the song will involve tongue-twisters that test the singer¬ís ability to pronounce the lyrics clearly, and occasionally the ability is tested even further by raising the tempo of the song little by little until it goes at a frighteningly fast pace.
    Source: Patter Song
  • Video Game / Crypt of the NecroDancer Long Song, Short Scene: Girlfriend Records' version of Death Metal's theme "Metalmancy" is twice the length of the original and plays at a much slower pace; however, the tempo still remains the same as all the other versions.
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