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Part noun – One of the pieces from which something is designed to be assembled.
System is an antonym for part.
Nearby Words: partially, partly
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System noun – Something made up of many interdependent or related parts.
Part is an antonym for system in topics: order, method.
Nearby Words: systematic, systemic
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How words are described

human human part human system
good good part good system
better better part better system
common common part common system
Other adjectives: core, standard, single, active, actual, entire, main, new, central, different.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Freelancer One World Order: To some degree; there are no "planet countries", but there are "planet towns", and these states are part of a "system state", which is in turn part of a system-spanning country.
  • Rat Men Their underground complex is part library and part monastery, all built into what looks like an old sewer system.
    Source: Rat Men
  • Plot Coupon That Does Something Something that's part of your menu or ability system which also features in the game's plot.
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