Particularly and Specially


Particularly adverb - In regard to something mentioned explicitly or in detail.
Usage example: she complained particularly about the suggestion that she make a greater effort to consider other viewpoints

Specially is a synonym for particularly in specifically topic. In some cases you can use "Specially" instead an adverb "Particularly", when it comes to topics like individually, privately, personally, especially. popular alternative


Specially adverb - In regard to something mentioned explicitly or in detail.
Usage example: the supplementary material was specially intended to address earlier accusations of cultural bias

Particularly is a synonym for specially in individually topic. You can use "Particularly" instead an adverb "Specially", if it concerns topics such as privately, personally, specifically. popular alternative

Both words in one sentence

  • Cool and Unusual Punishment The Divine Comedy — particularly the Inferno, but to a lesser extent also the Purgatorio — was filled with punishments specially tailored to the sins of the sufferer.
  • Maritime aircraft often have to be specially designed and equipped to be particularly corrosion resistant, an issue that land-based aircraft need not worry about.
  • Yes, he's ill-tempered and physically abusive (particularly towards Gilbert himself) but he's also rather pitiable in his own right... specially when you learn he was physically and sexually abused in his past.
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