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Pass verb – To come to an end.
Usage example: eventually, the storm passed

Stop is a synonym for pass in disappear topic. In some cases you can use "Stop" instead a verb "Pass", when it comes to topics like cease.
Nearby Words: passage, passed, passing, passable
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Stop verb – To come to an end.
Usage example: the music stopped but we kept on dancing

Pass is a synonym for stop in activity topic. Sometimes you can use "Pass" instead a verb "Stop", if it concerns topics such as disappear.
Nearby Words: stopped, stopper, stopping, stopover
Synonyms for Stop

How words are described

nice nice pass nice stop
safe safe pass safe stop
long long pass long stop
brief brief pass brief stop
Other adjectives: short, single, entire, massive, little, major, automatic, final, extra, next, last, different, red.

Common collocations

series pass series stop series
time pass time stop time
game pass game stop game
curse pass curse stop curse

Both words in one sentence

  • Pure Is Not Good Ironically (or meaningfully), Kikyou is the one who actually convinces Hakushin to stop serving Naraku, which finally allows him to stop hating people and pass on.
  • Film / Rio Bravo Burdette asks the saloon band to play "Deguello" non-stop to unnerve the holed-up lawmen, and both Colorado and Dude (played by professional singers) sing to pass the time.
  • It is merely hinted that he and Harmon pass the centuries by one causing trouble and the other putting a stop to it.
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