Person and Stranger


Person noun - A member of the human race.

Stranger is an antonym for person.


Stranger noun - A person who is not native to or known to a community.

Person is an antonym for stranger.

Nearby Words: strange, strangeness, strangely

How words are described

old old person old stranger
kind kind person kind stranger
nice nice person nice stranger
certain certain person certain stranger
Other adjectives: dying, friendly, dead, single, powerful, actual, dangerous, little, innocent, young, new, missing, mysterious, random, unknown, said, older.

Both words in one sentence

  • Literature / Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Naïve Ginny pours out her soul “to an invisible stranger” she knows only through their text conversations and thinks she is making friends with this person.
  • Website / Omegle It allows you to talk to a randomly selected stranger, who is most likely: Some random horny person typing one-handed.
  • Video Game / Criminal Case A perfect stranger of whom we know virtually nothing about has been gravitating around the most important person in this town!
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