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Perverted adjective – Having or showing lowered moral character or standards.
Wrong and perverted are semantically related. in behaviour topic. In some cases you can use "Wrong" instead an adjective "Perverted", when it comes to topics like unnatural.
Nearby Words: perverse, pervert, perversion, perverting
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Wrong adjective – Not conforming to a high moral standard; morally unacceptable.
Usage example: was caught doing something wrong

Perverted and wrong are semantically related. Sometimes you can use "Perverted" instead an adjective "Wrong".
Nearby Words: wrongful, wrongly, wronging, wronged, wrongfully
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Things that words describes

girl perverted girl wrong girl
character perverted character wrong character
man perverted man wrong man
guy perverted guy wrong guy
Other nouns: reason, way, game, side, ways, reasons.

Both words in one sentence

  • When he does drop the nicknaming, perverted comments and evil laughter, it's a sign something is seriously wrong.
    Source: The Gadfly
  • Series / Frankie Boyle's Tramadol Nights And Knowing Is Half the Battle- spoofed at the end of each show with a deeply perverted cowboy delivering a deeply wrong message.
  • Kanako gives this to Motoko, claiming the reason why she went back to her mindset that Keitaro is a "vile perverted male" is because she believes Naru would never lead her wrong.
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