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Phase noun – A certain way in which something appears or may be regarded.
Term and phase are semantically related In some cases you can use "Term" instead a noun "Phase".
Nearby Words: phased, phaser, phasing, phasic
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Term noun – A fixed period of time during which a person holds a job or position.
Phase and term are semantically related in interval topic. Sometimes you can use "Phase" instead a noun "Term", if it concerns topics such as time period.
Nearby Words: termless, termed, termer
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How words are described

full full phase full term
long long phase long term
similar similar phase similar term
short short phase short term
Other adjectives: proper, single, entire, real, new, final, next, last, different.

Both words in one sentence

  • Tabletop Game / Eclipse Phase Meaningful Name: In biology, the term "eclipse phase" refers to the period after a cell has been attacked by a virus but before it is overtaken by it.
  • Chess Motifs The Babylon 5 episode title, Endgame, comes from the term for the final phase in a game of chess where there are very few pieces left on the board to play.
    Source: Chess Motifs
  • Dressed in Layers Phase in the Whateley Universe wears his costume under his Whateley Academy uniform every day during winter term (because of Team Tactics class) and dislikes it.
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