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Philosopher noun – A specialist in philosophy.
Sage is a synonym for philosopher in scholar topic. In some cases you can use "Sage" instead a noun "Philosopher", when it comes to topics like savant, reflective thinker, thinker, deep thinker. popular alternative
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Sage noun – A person of deep wisdom or learning.
Philosopher is a synonym for sage in wise man topic. You can use "Philosopher" instead a noun "Sage", if it concerns topics such as savant, reflective thinker, wise person. popular alternative
Nearby Word: sagely
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How words are described

good good philosopher good sage
natural natural philosopher natural sage
original original philosopher original sage
dead dead philosopher dead sage
Other adjectives: brilliant, real, male, young, renowned, famous, ancient, new, former, drunken, fabled, titular, last, immortal, local, knowledgeable, greek.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney His French name "Philocrate" is a portmanteau of "philosophe" (philosopher) and "Socrate" (How the Greek sage Socrates is called in French).
  • Video Game / Crescent Pale Mist Sage Gasyukal is too powerful for you to start unleashing Rowanveld hell, so you have to destroying the magic orbs surrounding it, its hands, horns, the Philosopher's Stone (optional), and the Power Crystal on its head before attacking Gasyukal itself.
  • In the doujin game Crescent Pale Mist, one can be obtain as an Artifact from Sage Gasyukal's Philosopher's Stone to activate the power of equipable gemstones scattered throughout the game like the Ruby, Amethyst, and Diamond.
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