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Phrase verb – To convey in appropriate or telling terms.
Usage example: he had trouble thinking of how to phrase his question for the visiting dignitary

Word is a synonym for phrase in express topic. In some cases you can use "Word" instead the word "Phrase" as a verb or a noun, when it comes to topics like words, new word, express in words carefully. popular alternative
Nearby Words: phrasing, phrasal, phrased
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Word noun – A pronounceable series of letters having a distinct meaning especially in a particular field.
Usage example: my doctor used all of these medical words that I didn't understand

Phrase is a synonym for word in language topic. You can use "Phrase" instead the word "Word" as a verb or a noun, if it concerns topics such as words, new word, unit of language. popular alternative
Nearby Words: wordy, wordless, wording, worded, wordily
Synonyms for Word

How words are described

old old phrase old word
good good phrase good word
exact exact phrase exact word
better better phrase better word
Other adjectives: common, specific, right, certain, single, actual, real, bad, secret, key, new, final, last, different, Hebrew.

Common collocations

wish phrase wish word wish
request phrase request word request
way phrase way word way
fun phrase fun word fun
Other nouns: hell, times, recording, statements, suggestions, questions, requests.

Both words in one sentence

  • Similar to Always Wanted To Say That and often related to Inherently Funny Words, this is when someone admits the only reason they said, or keep saying, a certain word or phrase is that it's fun to say.
  • Disney Owns This Trope Once he trademarked a word or phrase, he immediately launched million-dollar lawsuits against people and companies who were casually using those words.
  • Common Mary Sue Traits Names are often a word or phrase in any language (usually foreign to the author) that have edgy translations in the author's language.
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