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Physical adjective – Relating to or composed of matter.
Usage example: couldn't tell the difference between a physical object and a shadow in the dim light

Substantial is a synonym for physical in material topic. In some cases you can use "Substantial" instead an adjective "Physical", when it comes to topics like body, real, tangible. popular alternative
Nearby Words: physic, physique, physics, physician, physically
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Substantial adjective – Relating to or composed of matter.
Usage example: the Land of Oz turned out to be a world of dreams, even less substantial than a rainbow

Physical is a synonym for substantial in body topic. You can use "Physical" instead an adjective "Substantial", if it concerns topics such as material, real. popular alternative
Nearby Words: substance, substantiate, substantially, substantiality, substantiation
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Things that words describes

skill physical skill substantial skill
power physical power substantial power
force physical force substantial force
change physical change substantial change
Other nouns: presence, appearance, effects, damage, evidence, injuries, changes, differences.

Both words in one sentence

  • Manga / My Lovely Ghost Kana She can move through walls and people, but she can move physical objects and to Daikichi, she's substantial enough to have sex and even support his weight.
  • The size of the sacrifice just goes to show that they truly wanted what was best for them, even if it meant enduring both substantial emotional and physical pain.
  • Magic Staff It's quite normal to see wizards and sorcerers (and perhaps the occasional cleric or favored soul) dual-wield scepters, dooming their physical damage potential to minuscule levels, but providing substantial bonuses for magic.
    Source: Magic Staff
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