Picture and Scene


Picture noun - Position with regard to conditions and circumstances.
Usage example: when personal opinion becomes part of the picture, the journalist isn't just reporting the news

Scene is a synonym for picture in view topic. In some cases you can use "Scene" instead a noun "Picture", when it comes to topics like vision, vista. popular alternative

Nearby Words: pictured, picturing


Scene noun - Position with regard to conditions and circumstances.
Usage example: one of the leading figures in the current political scene
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Synonyms for Scene

Picture is a synonym for scene in view topic. You can use "Picture" instead a noun "Scene", if it concerns topics such as vision, show, vista, setting of a performance or event. popular alternative

Nearby Words: scenery, scenic

How words are described

full full picture full scene
particular particular picture particular scene
similar similar picture similar scene
complete complete picture complete scene
Other adjectives: certain, original, single, disturbing, actual, entire, big, infamous, famous, new, major, final, funny, extra, above, nude, next, last, ending, iconic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Medium Awareness Konoka pulls out the Relax-o-Vision picture from somewhere in an attempt to censor a scene of Jack Rakan licking their enemies' panties.
  • Webcomic / One-Punch Man Relax-o-Vision: Used in Chapter 15 after a particularly... painful attack, the scene cutting to the words "Please wait a moment" over a picture of Ghibli Hills.
  • This was inspired by a similar scene in Top of the Pops in which Bob Geldof tore a picture of Bob Dylan.
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