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Place noun – A building, room, or suite of rooms occupied by a service business.
Usage example: we're going to our favorite place to eat

Station is a synonym for place in position topic. In some cases you can use "Station" instead the word "Place" as a noun or a verb, when it comes to topics like status, function, establish, lay. popular alternative
Nearby Words: placed, placement, placing, placer, placet
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Station verb – To assign to a place or position.
Usage example: stationed guards around the perimeter of the encampment

Place is a synonym for station in action topic. You can use "Place" instead the word "Station" as a noun or a verb, if it concerns topics such as position, post, rank, establish. popular alternative
Nearby Words: stationary, stationed, stationing, stationery, stationer
Synonyms for Station

How words are described

full full place full station
special special place special station
particular particular place particular station
similar similar place similar station
Other adjectives: public, certain, original, single, popular, actual, entire, real, large, remote, secret, new, former, next, last, different, favorite.

Common collocations

unit place unit station unit
series place series station series
troops place troops station troops
camera place camera station camera
Other nouns: units.

Both words in one sentence

  • Space Station A significant portion of the action of Komarr takes place on a station near the wormhole connecting Barrayar and Komarr.
    Source: Space Station
  • Series / Shining Time Station Bottle Episode: All the action took place inside the station (except for the specials, which included additional sets and location shooting).
  • Space Station A significant portion of the action of The Vor Game takes place on a station in the Hegen Hub.
    Source: Space Station
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