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Please verb – To give satisfaction to.
Turn off is an antonym for please.
Nearby Word: pleased
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Turn off

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Turn off verb – To cause to feel disgust.
Usage example: that memorably bad meal turned me off about restaurant food for a while

Please is an antonym for turn off in disgust topic.
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Both terms in one sentence

  • He's Back aka: Shes Back Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, THE HOST of Wrestlemania 27... *zap zap zap zap zap zap zap zap*...........*all the lights turn off*...........*more electricity, this time on the titantron...........*titantron goes completely white, then blacks out*....................
  • As soon as the saving message gets to the word "off" in "Please don't turn off the power" (ironic, no?), shut off your Game Boy.
  • Pocket Protector Featured at the climax of a short film at a theme park (Disneyland?) A "please turn off your phone" ad plays, at which point an actor starts walking around talking loudly on his mobile.
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