Plot and Patch


Plot noun - A small piece of land that is developed or available for development.
Usage example: subdivided the old farm into plots for tract houses

Patch is a synonym for plot in place topic. In some cases you can use "Patch" instead a noun "Plot", when it comes to topics like tract, piece of ground, tract of land. popular alternative

Nearby Words: plotted, plotting, plotless


Patch noun - A small area of ground covered by specific vegetation.
Usage example: a briar patch

Plot is a synonym for patch in place topic. You can use "Plot" instead a noun "Patch", if it concerns topics such as tract, piece. popular alternative

Nearby Words: patchwork, patched, patching

How words are described

full full plot full patch
particular particular plot particular patch
specific specific plot specific patch
following following plot following patch
Other adjectives: future, current, initial, single, simple, small, actual, entire, massive, large, big, little, bad, dark, early, major, latest.

Common collocations

story plot story patch story
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