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Point noun – The area or space occupied by or intended for something.
Usage example: runners began lining up by the starting point

Site is a synonym for point in place topic. In some cases you can use "Site" instead a noun "Point", when it comes to topics like location, specific location.
Nearby Words: pointed, pointless, pointer, pointing, pointedly
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Site noun – The area or space occupied by or intended for something.
Usage example: this field is the intended site for a new shopping mall

Point is a synonym for site in location topic. You can use "Point" instead a noun "Site", if it concerns topics such as place, place of activity.
Nearby Word: sited
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How words are described

good good point good site
exact exact point exact site
particular particular point particular site
similar similar point similar site
Other adjectives: common, certain, current, original, single, small, actual, entire, real, large, big, main, major, final, random, last, different, biggest.

Common collocations

episodes point episodes site episodes

Both words in one sentence

  • Roleplay / Riseofthe Believers The Nicknamer: There are a few on the site, to the point that nicknames are used in place of names.
  • The Tragically Hip's "Locked In The Trunk Of a Car" is sung partly from the point of view of a serial killer, and partly from the point of view of his dump site.
    Source: Murder Ballad
  • Citadel City Hefei, for example, was the site of repeated assaults by Sun Quan, to the point the place became a sort of Eldritch Location for the people of Wu.
    Source: Citadel City
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