Polite and Rude


Polite adjective - Showing consideration, courtesy, and good manners.
Usage example: it's only polite to hold the door for the person behind you

Rude is an antonym for polite in mannerly topic.

Nearby Words: politeness, politely


Rude adjective - Not civilized.
Usage example: missionaries who believed that it was their duty to convert the rude peoples of the world

Polite is an antonym for rude in topics: impolite, crude, disrespectful, sudden.

Nearby Words: rudeness, rudely

Both words in one sentence

  • When the only people he's met are Sonic and Tails, others can't tell if he's being rude or polite.
  • Luck-Based Mission It sometimes applies "blessings" or "curses" to players for being polite or rude to it, though these effects don't actually do anything. Probably.
  • Mood-Swinger Monty Python's Flying Circus has the man who's alternately rude and polite.
    Source: Mood-Swinger
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