Poor and Short


Poor adjective - Lacking money or material possessions.
Usage example: every year, we make up a basket of food at Thanksgiving for a poor family in the neighborhood

Short is a synonym for poor in impoverished topic. In some cases you can use "Short" instead an adjective "Poor", when it comes to topics like meagre.

Nearby Words: poorly, poorness


Short adjective - Not coming up to an expected measure or meeting a particular need.
Usage example: regrettably, the art supplies are short this year, so you'll have to share

Poor is a synonym for short in insufficient topic. You can use "Poor" instead an adjective "Short".

Both words in one sentence

  • Literature / Spoon River Anthology The Dog Bites Back: After a lifetime of being teased because he is short and poor, Judge Selah Lively uses his elevation to the bench in order to get back at everyone who tormented him.
  • Then there's the elves, the rich/poor divide in the city—the short version is that in Dragon Age II, no one comes out smelling like roses.
  • Nail 'Em They aren't very good weapons: their range is quite short and their penetration is so poor that it takes near a dozen nails just to incapacitate one mook.
    Source: Nail 'Em
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