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Portray verb – To give a representation or account of in words.
Usage example: the author portrays her characters with lifelike vividness

Sketch is a synonym for portray in represent topic. In some cases you can use "Sketch" instead a verb "Portray", when it comes to topics like paint, draw, art, representation. popular alternative
Nearby Words: portrayal, portraying
Synonyms for Portray


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Sketch verb – To give a representation or account of in words.
Usage example: briefly sketched the intent of the reorganization plan

Portray is a synonym for sketch in draw topic. You can use "Portray" instead a verb "Sketch", if it concerns topics such as representation, paint. popular alternative
Nearby Words: sketchy, sketched, sketching
Synonyms for Sketch

Common collocations

people portray people sketch people
someone portray someone sketch someone
everyone portray everyone sketch everyone

Both words in one sentence

  • Creator / Terry Jones Everything Is an Instrument: One Python sketch has him portray Arthur Ewing, who claims to have musical mice, reputedly trained to squeak at specific pitches.
  • Taxidermy Is Creepy Ryan has to portray a taxidermy expert, and gets the idea to go stock-still and unblinking for the entire sketch.
  • Whenever there was a musical number on the sketch comedy series Fast Forward, Gina Riley would always portray a female singer.
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